pricing and care matching

Pricing & Staffing (Youth Care Homes)

Non defined or low-risk YP’s

This package matches the care for clients who are in need of support and care and exhibits challenging /disruptive behaviour. The lower end charge applies to unaccompanied minors and, or section 20 YPs.

Medium risk YPs

This package matches the care for clients with a history of significant disruptive behaviour  – emotional imbalance, violent/abusive tendencies and high past placement breakdowns. This also includes  YP’s with self-harm tendencies and YP’s with gang affiliation or intimidation. Also includes ex-offenders requiring close guidance and supported rehabilitation. Out of borough placements are also available. Medium risk placements also include some level of self-harm or suicidal ideation.

High-risk YPs

This package matches the care of highly disruptive YPs with past and current tendencies for violent, abusive and challenging behaviour. It also matches the care of ex-offender YPs who still retain tendencies for criminal behaviour or affiliation. The package includes care for YP’s with extensive gang affiliation that poses a risk to themselves as well as others. It covers care for YP’s with a past or current higher risk of self-harm/suicidal tendencies. YP’s who are deemed too high a challenge to be placed with other care homes are included. In some cases, these high-risk packages would be housed in solo units due to the high-risk impact on other residents or the danger surrounding them due to gang activity, threats or intimidation.

Special risk

This package matches the care of YPs with very concerning tendencies for self-harm/suicide. Undiagnosed mental imbalance and high possibilities for violent behaviour.  This also covers cases where YP’s are in the process of out of borough witness protection. This package only delivers care in solo placements and may include staff ratio 2: 1 downgraded to 1: 1 based on regular bi-monthly risk assessments. 

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