Internal documents & forms

Using the document / form archive

This section is available as an admin library for various documentation and forms to be accessed. This includes staff/general forms as well as young persons forms and templates. Online archiving is authorised by management who should be contacted when there is a need to add documents to the admin library. Access to the library is strictly authorised and requires an approved username and password.

Data protection policy

Staff are expected to treat the access /distribution of document information as sensitive and confidential in line with GDPR compliance. You may not request a document upload that has been completed with a service user's actual details.


Staff can send documents and other forms of media to management for upload to this virtual office. Please send authorised documents to

Notify us by filling in the forms after sending the document or media

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SUMMERHILL CARE offers accommodation to individuals who require a supported living placement; individuals with learning disabilities, mental health and complex needs with 24 hours staffing available.

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