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Our primary service is Supported Living with accommodation, which aims to encourage and assist 18–65 year-olds fully self-sustainable within a safe and conducive accommodation. 

The service is designed to go beyond offering staffed 24 hours accommodation and general support to young people but to ensure the journey to self- independence is enabled.

This means a measurable system of support in the enhancement of self and personal skills. Education and employment inclusion being a major part of the service.

We can provide DOLS placement arrangements where commissioning local authorities require a stand-alone accommodation that is not shared due to the identified risks involved with the placement.

To be eligible:


We offer care and support services to semi-independent (18-65 year-olds) with varied needs. This includes young people with challenging behavior, those with diagnosed or suspected ADHD conditions and other emotional or mental issues that have caused situations where a specialist care provision is needed. This also includes rehabilitative care of ex-offenders and those in danger of gang intimidation or gang affiliation.

In line with our statement of purpose, we deliver individualized care based on the assessed needs of our young people. The bespoke care provided involves detailed plans to ensure safe accommodation and a pathway to a sustainable future self-independence by supporting the development of skills and ability. We aim to develop our young people by instilling a culture of self -worth and future progression. Education/training remains a major target for our clients.


We are able to provide a step – down service where care leavers of adult age are able to receive continued support and accommodation in a bid to be fully independent and able to access services and entitlements themselves. This is available under the request of the commissioning local authorities who recognized the need for continuous support for an individual. Accommodation provided is usually a house share provision where staff visit and provide 5-hrs or more support key work sessions to service users.


In situations where there is an urgent need for temporary or short-term care, we are able to organize accommodation and support. The placement may occur through breakdowns in care home placements, foster care or when a young person needs to be bailed from custody at the local police station. These types of placements may be required out of office hours which makes it difficult to house them immediately with most providers. The service also comes with ‘responsible adult’ service where a member of staff will receive the child from custody or detention over an offence that has resulted in an arrest.


At Summerhill Care we admit the following:

Individuals with mental health.

Individuals that need of longer-term care and support.

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SUMMERHILL CARE offers accommodation to individuals who require a supported living placement; individuals with learning disabilities, mental health and complex needs with 24 hours staffing available.

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